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Photography has been with me since I was abut 10 when my father let me use the family Voightlander rangefinder camera. When I experienced the magic of my first black and white photo appearing in a bath of developing fluid I was hooked. So I’ve been doing this for about 45 years and am still learning.

How times have changed. When you went on holiday you took a roll of 24 with you. Each roll would cost a few pounds to get developed so you thought a lot before you took the photo. I notice a lot of digital photography courses recommending using a tripod. It’s a good idea as it slows down your image capturing and you have time to think about the composition, lighting, focus and depth of field etc.

Some people won’t believe it but I was always more comfortable behind the camera. Pointing a great big lens at me and then telling me to say cheese or diamonds or sparkle did not make for a good look.

I’m getting a bit better in front but it’s when I am taking a photo or making an image that I feel at home. There have been periods when I didn’t take any which corresponded with difficult and stressful times. Like everything you get past that. 

My major flaw is that they just sit there on my hard disk doing not a lot. So, I have decided that now is the time to organise them. It will take time but should bring back nice memories.

Please feel free to look around and get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

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