Saint Michel En Greve

It was a bit chilly when we got to Saint Michel en Greve. This was about 2 km from the campsite we stayed the previous night at , Camping Les Cappucines.

We parked behind the mayors office. They have six designated parking bays for motorhomes. There are no services for water/loo etc but you can do all that at the campsite.

The sea was about a mile out and walked all the way out to take a pic of the different blues in the sea. It is nice and flat and when I got there the tide had started to turn so I took the photo and returned back.

There are some limitations to only using your phone to take photos. As it is only a digital rather than optical zoom it loses quality so I wasn’t very happy with it. However, I did manage to get a few which I like.

In 2009 huge quantities of sea lettuce seaweed (Ulva lactuca) washed up on the beach at Saint Michel. Poisonous gases resulting from its decomposition caused the death of a horse (1) and may have been a factor in the earlier death of a cleanup crew truck driver(2).

Of course, we did have to stop at the bar to sample the local beer. It would have been rude not.

1. Algues vertes: après la mort d’un cheval en  2009, la responsabilité de l’Etat reconnue. Le Monde (in French), 21 July 2014

2. Seaweed suspected in French death. BBC news 9 September 2017