The Pink Granite Coast

This was a great start to our trip which coincided with the biannual trip of the Teignmouth Art Action Group and the twinning association to our twin town, Perros Gueric.

We parked Cheery Littlebottom at the Super U in Trégastel which has a dedicated area for motorhomes.

The rock formations are awe inspiring.This rock looks like a shark. That one’s a rabbit. And here’s a tortoise or a witch. On the Pink Granite Coast it’s fun to imagine the extraordinary shapes of the rocks along the coast path as people or animals.

As for their colour, they’re rose pink, obviously. It’s a beautiful coppery pink that glows in the sunshine. From Bréhat to Trébeurden, the Pink Granite Coast stretches out in a series of remarkable curves facing a chain of islands and islets, beside fine sandy beaches sheltered by pines.

At Port-Blanc and Plougrescant, the background changes with the tides. Pink on the coast, the granite becomes grey as it plunges inland along the estuaries of the Trieux and the Jaudy. The birds love this highly-colourful landscape.

The Sept-Îles National Nature Reserve, off the coast of Perros-Guirec, is home to one of the largest colonies of seabirds, especially puffins, gannets and cormorants.